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Combining durability and flexibility, we offer our abrasion resistant Chain Anchors as the ideal end fittings for tie down jobs involving heavy-duty, rough cargo. When tying down materials such as bricks or wood, straps... are at the risk of potential damage, especially near the anchor point or near sharp corners. That’s where our Chain Anchors come into play. These extremely durable chains are built to withstand such abrasive environments better than the average strap, making them tough enough to easily handle the rough loads, while the Grab Hook attached at the end of the chains is designed to quickly and securing attach to the vehicle’s anchor point for reliable securement. We also carry a Grab Hook Assembly that can be easily attached to other chains or to the tie down strap directly.

Chain Anchors

Size of Webbing used with (inches)L
Working Load Limit (lbs)
Breaking Strength (lbs)
Grade of Chain
Thickness of Webbing Slot (inches)
Length - From where Strap is sewn to interior of G
Type of Webbing Slot
Width of Webbing Slot (inches)
Welded Chain
Type of End Hook
Grade of End Hook
End Hook Opening Width (inches)
Weight (lbs)
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