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Very few things are more frustrating or more costly than damaged cargo. We’re here to offer the ideal solution to help prevent that from happening with our Corner/Web Protectors. We’re offering protection in all different kinds ... of shapes and sizes to fit various situations to help keep your straps from hurting your cargo and to help keep your cargo from hurting your straps. We have Corner Protectors available in steel and plastic for different applications and fits, which also includes our extremely durable VeeBoards. Our Web Protectors give you a bit more flexibility in deciding exactly where you need the most protection along your straps. Take a look and find a protector that will best suit your situation. Whatever protection method you choose, you’ll know that your cargo is in good hands.

Corner/Web Protector

For Use with Webbing (Winch and Ratchet Straps)
For Use with Chain
For Use with Cable
Maximum Width of Webbing
Length (feet)
Length (inches)
Drop - Protecting the side of the Cargo (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Top - Protecting the side of Cargo (inches)
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