Enclosed Trailer Cargo Securement

Simply stuffing the trailer full of cargo without any means of securing it can result in a lot of unhappy customers with damaged freight. Kinedyne carries an extensively detailed collection of diverse Enclosed Trailer Products to help with your... interior van cargo securement jobs. We have versatile Logistic Straps, durable Logistic Beams, and strong Logistic Bars that work flawlessly with either our stationary Logistic Tracks or our new portable Bridge-Trak to create a secure and solid hold over the invaluable cargo.

Equip your trailer with our Logistic Track or our new portable Bridge-Trak so that you can experience how it truly feels to have reliable security. Each means of securement comes with in variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and strengths to handle the many types of tie down jobs that are encountered in the industry. Since we understand just how hazardous this industry can be, we also have our Replacement Parts available for our Logistic Beams and Logistic Bars. Additionally, there are so many Enclosed Trailer Accessories on hand that you are bound to find something to make the tie down job even easier.

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