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Kinedyne’s K1 Kaptive Beam System is designed to continually meet or exceed operator’s performance and expectations throughout the system’s lifespan. We’ve built our K1 Kaptive Beam... System with the highest standards, using only high-quality materials and components to engineer a captive beam system that can make your cargo control job so much easier and smoother.

With this system installed, you’ll be able to create a reliable second deck within the trailer in order to boost cargo capacity, supporting up to 500 pounds per linear foot. This effectively reduces the number of trips needed to be made to deliver the whole load. Since the beams can be stored at ceiling level, there’s no need to constantly remove and reinstall them, eliminating a lot of wasted time and labor.

Along with creating a sturdy and durable second deck for your heavy-duty cargo, the system’s beams can also be used for shoring applications. Keep your loads separated and organized with the strength of our beams as they prevent cargo from knocking into each other or toppling over, which helps improve profitability by reducing claims related to damaged freight.

With the K1 Kaptive Beam System, you get our standard or heavy-duty beams that can be used for decking or shoring, our durable tracks that can be easily installed in most trailer configurations, and a number of different accessories and replacement parts to keep the system operating smoothly throughout its lifespan.

K1 Kaptive Beam (Double Decking System)

Decking Working Load Limit (lbs)
Shoring Working Load Limit (lbs)
Weight (lbs)
For Trailer Width (inches)
Head Assembly Type
Minimum Length (inches)
Maximum Length (inches)
Head Assembly Material
Head Assembly Finish
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