Light-Duty Commercial Vehicle Cargo Securement

Everyone loves their recreational vehicles. Whether motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercrafts, boats, snowmobiles, pick-up trucks, camping gear, or bicycles are your adventure toys of choice, you want ... to take real good care of them. We’ve responded to this growing market by creating Steadymate – a complete recreational vehicle securement system that delivers legendary Kinedyne quality. With Steadymate, you’ll be able to confidently secure your toys so that you can get them to where they need to go faster and easier.

Choose from any of our six reliable Cinchtite Tie Downs to help you with your recreational vehicle tie down job. Does your new toy prefer to be in the water? We have our Marine Transom Trappers ready to secure your boat for transport. Additionally, a number of different accessories are available to help make these tie down jobs go a lot smoother.

We also carry a full line of gadgets and straps to assist with your towing and recovery jobs, whether it’s for full-sized automobiles or recreational vehicles. Our Snowmobile & ATV Tow Strap can help get your vehicle out of a slippery situation while our various Axle Straps, Tire Nets, and Automotive Straps can be used to easily secure your car for transport.

For securing bicycles and other two-wheelers, we have our handy Wheel Chock. For securing cargo on the back of a pick-up truck, we have our 6-Point Adjustable Pick-Up Truck Net. For help securing nearly anything within your trailer, we have an assortment of different types of Securement Point Fittings and Kits to create that solid hold you need for your tie down job. Whatever job needs done, we have the right tools to get it done right.

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Kinedyne Recreational Securement 101: A Guide to Recreational Securements

Recreational Securement 101 is part of the Kinedyne Education Series of introductory videos created by Kinedyne LLC. This series of videos is designed to teach the basics of cargo securement products: what they are, what they are used for, and how to choose the right tools for the job and more.