Logistic Tracks transform your trailer’s walls and floors into solid and secure anchor points that can be used to reliably tie down different cargo. The tracks have a very simple design that’s... easy to use, so they minimize the effort it takes to secure a load. They can be used with Logistic Straps, Logistic Beams, and Logistic Bars to create a stabilized hold over important cargo while utilizing the most of the trailer’s space. We carry all these different types of securement methods, but first you’ll need these tracks installed in order to experience strong and durable security.

Tracks can be attached with screws, rivets, or welding. Specific fastener size and/or mounting method should be determined by the vehicle manufacturer or a qualified installer. Care should be taken to ensure that installation environments and materials do not create a potential for corrosion. Logistic Tracks must be attached to securing points of equal or greater strength to maintain the established working load limits of associated track products.

Series E or A Logistic Tracks both provide solid securement for your tie down job, able to hold down nearly any type of cargo. Built to last, these durable tracks are available for either horizontal or vertical applications, offering a versatile tie down job anytime you need it.

Series F Logistic Tracks can be used for flush mounting in the floor, which is ideal for any tie down job involving vehicles or wheeled items. Lightweight and durable, they come in two different sizes to accommodate different tie down jobs.

Series L Tracks are the most commonly used floor anchoring products in vehicle conversions (layout/configuration). Their ease of installation, light weight, and superior strength make them a natural choice for anchoring motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV securements, seats to vehicle floors, and product to walls of converted vans.

Inserting the right end fittings or anchor points into the tracks is so simple that it only takes seconds to hook them in there, saving you time for the rest of the tie down job. Whatever track you choose depends mostly on the type, weight, size, etc. of the cargo that is frequently transported as well as the preferred method of securement. Our tracks each serve a purpose, and each of these tracks is designed to provide optimal security with very little effort.

Logistic Track