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Directly from our hands comes the uncompromising strength of our Standard Bulk Webbing. This highly durable, industrial strength webbing is ideal for cargo control. It is designed to wrap easily around your... cargo, and once tension is applied, it creates a viselike grip that keeps everything in its place. Easily flexible, it is designed to provide coverage for loads of all kinds of shapes and sizes, which is a huge benefit for such a changing industry. Just pair this webbing up with the right hardware for the job, and you’ll be able secure your cargo with control and confidence.

The gold-colored web bearing the black edge helps differentiate Kinedyne straps from the many "yellow" straps on the market, actively demonstrating our commitment to providing you with first place quality. Look for the orange with black edge webbing if you want to experience real heavy-duty K-FORCE strength. Or, if the loads extra rough, grab some of our grey with black edge webbing for Rhino MAX toughness. Besides our three signature colors, our webbing is also available in olive drab, light blue, dark blue, black, and red.

Standard Bulk Webbing

Width (inches)
Working Load Limit (lbs)
Breaking Strength (lbs)
Weight Per Foot (lbs)
Kinedyne Rhino Abrasion Coating
Kinedyne K-Force Abrasion Coating
Weight Per Roll (lbs)
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