Cargo Tie-Down Hardware

From strong tensioning devices to durable end fittings to reliable securement points, we have everything needed to create a strong, durable, and reliable tie down assembly that you can trust with your cargo. These ... buckles, hooks, and points offer a wide range of applications, each with their own strengths and advantages. Find the right combination for the job, and you’ll experience what true security really feels like in no time.

Our tensioning devices include our strong Ratchet Buckles, our quick Cam Buckles, and our efficient Overcenter Buckles. Though each of them is used for different types of tie down jobs, they are all engineered with industrial strength for reliable security.

We have a hook and an end fitting for nearly any kind of tie down job, including our Flat Hooks, S Hooks, Snap Hooks, Wire Hooks, Chain Anchors, D-Rings, and Logistic Strap Fittings. We also carry end fittings designed for specific applications, such as our Rave Hook for our Kin-Sider System, our Roll Off Container Hook for waste disposal, and our automotive fittings for car securement.

For interior van securement jobs, we have all the Logistic Strap fittings and securement points needed for an accurate and reliable tie down job. We carry a selection of fittings and points that can attach to the different types of Logistic Tracks, including Series A, E, F, and L.

Whatever you’re looking for to acquire reliable securement, we have the right hardware for you.

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Kinedyne Hardware 101: A Guide to Cargo Tie-Down Hardware

Hardware 101 is part of the Kinedyne Education Series of introductory videos created by Kinedyne LLC. This series of videos is designed to teach the basics of cargo securement products: what they are, what they are used for, and how to choose the right tools for the job and more.